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Ensure Florida’s Dependent Children the Futures They Deserve


Our Public Private Partnerships

The government alone cannot meet the needs of Florida’s abused, abandoned, and neglected children.  Throughout the State there are non-profit organizations that support the local GAL Programs and help address other needs of children, providing financial assistance to child victims for a variety of their needs, such as medical, dental and mental-health services, medication, food, clothing, furniture, school supplies, tutoring, day care, after-school care, eyeglasses, summer camp and more.  These public/private partnerships provide a vital support to the GAL Program, enabling it to represent more children, while leveraging state support with donations from the private sector.

Over the past three years the GAL Program and the Statewide GAL Foundation has partnered with Akerman LLP- a top 100 U.S law firm serving clients across the United States.  This partnership was made possible through the National CASA Association.  Over the past year Akerman LLP has given more than $69,000 in support of Florida GAL Programs. They have more than doubled the amount that was raised last year.  Over all, they are donating $1 million dollars to all GAL and National CASA organizations across the country over the next three years.   Additionally, their lawyers continue to provide pro-bono hours of legal advocacy for the GAL Program.

Sunshine Health provides children in Florida’s child welfare system with unique health care coverage that is responsive to their needs and the needs of their caregivers. Empowering those who impact the health and wellness of these children, the Sunshine Health Child Welfare Specialty Plan builds a care coordination network around every child with staff dedicated to helping each child’s caregiver navigate the complicated worlds of health care and child welfare. This year Sunshine Health donated $12,500 to the GAL Foundation in support of Volunteer Regional Conferences.

The Women’s Council of Realtors is a network of successful realtors, advancing women as professionals and leaders in the business, the industry and the community that they serve.  The Women’s Council of Realtors Florida State Chapter has thirty-four Chapters statewide.  Their Chapters continue to be involved with their local GAL Programs encouraging their members to become certified GAL volunteers.  This year the Women’s Council of Realtors donated over $3,000 dollars to benefit the children of their local chapters.  

Founded in 1890, the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, an international women’s organization, has been a unifying force, bringing together local women’s clubs from around the country and throughout the world that are dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service.  This year the Director of Junior Clubs, Kelly Holmes has selected the Guardian ad Litem Program as her project.  They have coordinated different fundraisers to benefit their local GAL Programs, they’ve donated gift cards for the aging out youth, they’ve provided gas cards for GAL volunteers, their members have facilitated GAL presentations at their local clubs and many have signed-on to become GAL Volunteers.

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Each circuit program is supported by a local non-profit organization. The time and money contributed by these local organizations are essential to successfully meeting the needs of its children and volunteers.  To learn more about the local non-profits visit  The Local Programs Page of the Florida Guardian ad Litem Program website.