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Guardian ad Litem Unveils a Specialty License Plate


During the last legislative session, Senator Aaron Bean and Representative James Grant filed & passed a bill that allowed for the creation of certain specialty license plates, which included the Guardian ad Litem “Heartfelt Child Advocacy” license plate. The Guardian ad Litem specialty license plate will be available for pre-sale on Friday, October 16. Below is the information for purchasing pre-sale specialty license plate vouchers.


  • The presale time-period starts on October 16, 2020.
  • Anyone can purchase a voucher. However, the Receiving Customer must have a vehicle in their name, as owner or co-owner, to redeem the voucher.
  • When someone wants to purchase a voucher, they need to tell the clerk which specialty license plate voucher they would like to purchase (Guardian ad Litem).
  • If they are buying the voucher for themselves, they will be the Purchasing Customer and Receiving Customer. They will need to provide their driver’s license number or date of birth to the clerk.
  • If they are buying the voucher for someone else, they will be the Purchasing Customer; the Receiving Customer will be the person they are giving the voucher to. They will need to provide their driver license number as the Purchasing Customer and the name, date of birth, or driver license number of the Receiving Customer to the clerk.
  • The voucher fee is the specialty license plate fee $25, processing fee $5, service fee, and branch fee $3. The total voucher fee for the pre-sale of the tag is $33.00.
  • When the transaction has been processed, the customer will receive a Specialty License Plate Voucher Receipt.
  • Once all requirements have been met, the department will place the order for the specialty license plate. When they are manufactured, they will be sent to the county tax collector offices and will be distributed to the license plate agencies in their county.
  • After the specialty license plates are shipped, the department will send a letter to all the Receiving Customers. The letter will provide instructions on how to redeem their voucher.